Sunday, December 30, 2012

iphone dump

So I know it has been quite a while since I have gone through all my photos on my phone. I tend to take 95% of my photos these days with my phone so this may be a little long but I still want to have all these little things along the way documented.

So this is how we watched TV for about a week till we found the missing pieces to the TV stand
 We went to a church to have a thanksgiving dinner with all of Val's extended family.  Noah got upset cause he wanted to be in someone elses picture.  good thing he had uncle Leland there to comfort him.  My favorite was when he put himself in the corner.
 I had to have a root canal, I had been having a problem with a tooth for a few months and I kept putting it off.  Finally I couldn't take the pain anymore.  

Everyday there would be some new decoration on the boys tree

 It was fun to decorate in the new house

Noah has been playing with the Jenga game

Our new table finally arrived, it was a welcome site we were all tired of eating off the card table.
Poor Ashton broke out in a case of hives, I couldn't figure out what brought them on.  He had them for two days then they went away.  I cut out all milk and wheat from his diet for about 4 days them let him slowly have them again.  He hasn't had any problems since.  It was kind of weird.

Mom and I took the boys to the dickens festival again this year.  Noah wouldn't go near Santa this year, but it was still fun.

We had the Bellamys over for our first official game night, Noah and Mason couldn't stay awake any longer.  I love how Noah fell asleep.

Noah was so excited to help me make sugar cookies

Both boys needed a ride up to bed, good thing daddy is strong.

The boys love to play the Wii especially when Daddy plays with them.

I let the boys each have 4 cookies to decorate.  I would never let anyone else eat a cookie one of them had decorated.  They tend to like the knife after each swipe of icing. 

I got to go help with Ashton's class for the Christmas party.  They did a polar express theme, so the kids got to wear their PJ's to school. 

The boys have been way into coloring and drawing lately, I love it when they draw something and then they explain what it is to me.  It is crazy what silly things they come up with.

Noah finds the weirdest positions to hang out in while watching a movie.

Me at 30 weeks, I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going by.  She will be here before I know it.

Noah was so excited for us to finally build this train, they colored on it for about a minute but they have spent a lot of time playing in it.

We got a huge snow storm right after Christmas, thanks to our awesome neighbors we didn't have to shovel someone used their snow blower to clear our walks and driveway.