Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

This year was a little different not having to go down to Utah county, it was kind of nice.  We just spent most of the day at home hanging out and getting any last minute things done.  I wasn't in the mood to cook dinner so we went out to Texas Roadhouse and it was perfect.  We all had some yummy food and I didn't have to clean anything up.

 We came home and Santa brought the family new Christmas jammies, we all got in our jammies and then hung out for a little bit.  Jason found a NORAD tracker so the boys could see where Santa was in the world, they thought that was pretty cool.  We ended the night with watching a Christmas show and reading our last Christmas book present.  I started a tradition of wrapping all our Christmas books and each night one of the boys get to choose one to open and then we read it.  It is amazing how excited they get for this every night. 

Once the boys were in bed then we were able to get rest of Christmas out.  We got all the presents out then we watched a movie before heading to bed ourselves.  I was pretty excited for the boys to open there presents in the morning there is nothing like the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.