Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

The boys were up at their normal time of 7:30 which I can't complain too much about.  The only crappy thing is that Ashton had a pretty rough night he wasn't feeling good the night before and had a fever when he went to bed so he got up a couple of times in the night which is totally not like him.  The last time he got up he said "mommy why is this night taking so long"  poor guy was sick and also excited for Christmas all in one.

Once the boys woke up I had to give Ashton some Advil he had a fever of 102.  He was not feeling good, then we all headed downstairs.  The boys were all pretty excited especially Noah when he came downstairs and he saw his play kitchen.  He was so happy about it, he had to immediately open all the doors, then he asked where the food was for it.  I wasn't about to tell him he just had to open a present to find the food.  Then he wanted to know why Santa didn't wrap his play kitchen, and it only had a bow on it.  It is funny what these kids are worried about.

Don't let his face fool you, he loved his kitchen

Ashton checking out his stocking

This was Noah's face most of the day, he was so happy and loved all of his gifts

I tried to get a good picture of both of them but this was the best I got. 

We of course had to have the traditional pics of each of us with our pile of presents. 

Noah loved this one, and begged for days for us to put it together, I had no idea it was going to be so big once we did.  Good thing we have plenty of room in this house

I loved this picture, this was after Noah opened his present from Ashton. 

I had to post this picture, I wrapped a bunch of little things separately like a coloring book , crayons, and markers.  The boys had been way into coloring so I thought they would love having a big box of crayons.  Ashton was not so thrilled when he opened his box of crayons. 

Happy about the angry bird slippers

Oh look we have a smile over a present.  He loved what he got we only got a funny reaction about the crayons.

"mommy how did Santa know I wanted this, cause I did want this.  I love this book"  Noah was so thrilled with everything he got, he was one happy boy, he even said this is the best Christmas ever.

Jason always manages to surprise me with a few gifts, this year it was these UGG boots, I love them they are the most cozy things ever.  He did an awesome job picking them out all on his own.

The aftermath, it could of been a lot worse, but Jason was picking up paper after each present so it stayed relatively clean.  We had breakfast then got ready and headed down to mom's house to have Christmas dinner.

The boys love their uncles, but each boy has always had their favorite uncle or the one that they tend to gravitate towards.  Ashton has always gravitated towards Leland and Noah towards Aaron.  Today they switched. Of course it can't hurt when the uncles have a fun phone to play on!

The uncles got each boy one of these hats, I think they are pretty cool, not so sure how the boys feel about them.  At least we got a smile and they didn't throw it across the room.

I totally spaced getting a family picture of our little family like I always try to do, and we almost didn't get a family shot with everyone here, as it was we were missing Josh and Noah couldn't be bothered to come and take a picture with us.