Wednesday, November 28, 2012

October highlights

There is so much that has been going on the last few weeks, but I want to go back to October and finish with what happened then, we went to the pumpkin patch like we always do but this year we got there earlier so we had more daylight which was nice because we usually are racing against the sun and end up leaving in the dark.  The boys and I found our pumpkins fairly quickly but Jason takes the picking of the pumpkin very seriously, he looks and looks till he finds a couple he likes then lines them all up and then decides.  The rule for the boys is that if they can carry the pumpkin then they can have it. 
 Man I love these two boys!

Ashton was pretty proud of himself for being able to pull the cart with Noah and the pumpkins in it, of course it didn't last long and he needed my help.

I love my three boys, I should of had someone take a family shot of all of us, but the boys were done with me taking pictures so i will have to be happy with one semi decent one of just the boys.

I did ask Jason to take a picture of me so I can remember this last pregnancy, I sure felt a lot more pregnant than I look!

Of course a Halloween wouldn't be complete with out me making sugar cookies, I made the mistake of telling Noah we were going to make cookies, and all I heard all day was when are we making cookies.  He didn't understand that there is a process, first you make the dough, then it has to go in the fridge and get cold, then you have to roll it out and bake it, then they need to cool.  All of that has to happen before the fun part begins.  It was like torture for that child waiting to decorate the cookies.  I let each boy have about 4 cookies to decorate, then I did the rest.  I figured no one would want to eat the cookies after they had licked the knife and what not while frosting. 

I love how when he is concentrating he sticks his tongue out

I think Noah might of eaten about the same amount of icing and he put on his cookies, good thing I only make these a few times a year.

Ashton's finished cookies, oh and he didn't even eat any of them.  He doesn't like all the frosting I am not complaining.

Noah's finished cookies, as you can see he had started eating his already, he doesn't have any issues with eating icing, in fact I think he would almost prefer just eating the icing and not the cookie.

Then we had the annual pumpkin carving at mom's house, I was glad that once again it was beautiful outside so we could carve outside.  We had soup before hand then got to the carving of the pumpkins.  This year the boys wanted to help so I helped Noah and Ashton got help from Jason.  Noah wanted a scary pumpkin, and got mad when I didn't make the face mad enough.  Ashton wanted a spider that was suppose to be easy but ended up being so much work, Jason didn't want to do another one. 
The table spread of treats.  I made the sugar cookies and then some brownie bites.  Mom did the rest,  I forgot to take a picture before we started eating

Noah loved his little pumpkin, he carried it around forever.

The boys love having their uncles around, and the uncles love the attention they get from my boys.

Ashton didn't like the feeling of cleaning out his pumpkin, I love the look on his face.

My little pumpkin, I was happy with how it turned out.

We had a smaller group this year a few people came and ate then they had to leave so there weren't as many pumpkins.