Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The boys were so excited to go trick or treating this year.  We went with our neighbors seeings how we are moving and the boys play together all the time.  They started out strong running from house to house.  This year we actually hit most of the neighborhood, the only complaint we got this year was toward the end Noah couldn't hold his bucket any longer cause it was too heavy so I got to carry it for the last couple of houses.  We are so going to miss this neighborhood, it is such a great neighborhood. 

Here are my Mario, and pirate


The boys and Truman

Daddy decided to dress up again last minute.  I think he did a great job with only working on it for about 10 mins.   Although Noah wanted nothing to do with him, I think he was a little scared.

 We wanted to get a quick family photo, Truman our neighbor had to be in the pic with us.  He has even told us that he is going to move with us so that he can play with the boys all the time.

I think this was the favorite house of the night, the boys have been talking about this house for weeks.  Ashton told me he wants us to have a house that is big enough to have one of these.  Little does he know we aren't going to :)

Jason I think you have a little something on your face.