Friday, October 5, 2012

update on the house

So we are officially under contract, we have sold our house and it only took a week.  I am still in a little bit of shock over it, and still have my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong and everything still falls into place.  We are still in negotiations on our new house, the bank is not being very cooperative about a few things we found out during the inspection.  So I am once again hoping all goes well.  I am excited about this new adventure we are going to be embarking on, but also a little scared about packing up this house and moving on.  This has been our home for over 6 years and so much has happened  in this little house I am sad to move on, but also excited for the new place.


Ariana said...

Holy moly!! Yeah, I've heard houses are selling way faster than they were a few years ago. When we bought this place, it had been on the market over 6 months. Hope everything irons out to get into the new place!! Pictures?