Thursday, September 27, 2012

For Sale

We are selling our house, we finally found a new house that will be perfect for our family one that we can grow into and raise our family.  We are so excited about it and hope that everything works out, but in the mean time we need to sell our current home.  I have to say I have a lot of mixed feelings about it.  Some days I can tell you how much I hate this house and want something new, and other days I think about all the memories we have here in this home and I am so sad to leave.  It is the only home our boys have ever know, we have a wonderful neighborhood that I am so sad to leave. This is the house that we have made together, we have updated the whole house and made it our own.  It hasn't been an easy process getting the projects done or on our marriage, but we have survived.  What we have learned from this house is we do not want another fixer upper, we want a house we can move into and not have to change a thing.  Well at least not anything major, paint and little things aren't a big deal.   It is really hard to leave the friends we have made, but making this move will be the best for our family. 

If anyone is interested or knows anyone who needs a wonderful house in the North Salt Lake area send them our way.


Ariana said...

Oh wow! That's exciting! You guys have made that house so nice....I'm sure somebody will snatch it up! Good luck in the selling adventures!