Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Father's day

So for Fathers day we went up Provo Canyon and had a BBQ with Mom and Myron and his family.  Dad of course was busy watching one of the big golf tournaments that always falls on Fathers day so he didn't want to have anything big so we just went over and visited for a little bit. 

We started the day off with presents for daddy and of course there had to be some kind of melt down from Noah, I can't even remember what it was about now, nothing big I know. 

Then we had another melt down when we got up the canyon he didn't want to walk or something silly and we all had our hands full of coolers and things so he had to walk.  It took a bunch of uncles and even Ashton tried to get him in a better mood, it took some work but he managed to be happy for the rest of the outing. 

We had a wonderful time, with lots of yummy food, and spending time with family.


Ariana said...

I love the phrase "a bunch of uncles"....