Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st day of school

So today was the big day, Ashton started kindergarten, and Noah started pre school.  I am so excited for my boys to move on to this new stage in their lives.  I am also excited to have a little time by myself a couple times a week.

Noah was being silly and didn't want to wear his backpack the right way 

Ashton smiles on command but then he does this fake smile while tilting his head and squinting his eyes.  Oh well he is still cute!

It looks like Ashton is choking Noah, but he isn't I promise.

Lets start with Ashton, so this wasn't a full day for him they were using today as kind of a back to school day for the parents to come along with the students to get all the information we needed to have about the school and what was going to be happening this year in his class.  So Ashton and I got to the school, and he filled out his little paper and drew a picture, then they had story time, then it was off to recess and then a movie in the library while the parents had our little information session.  I am so excited for Ashton and I think he is going to have a great year with a wonderful teacher.  We got to officially meet his teacher last week when she made an appointment to come and see Ashton she spoke with him on the phone and then came by with his favorite color of balloon with a smiley face, and took his picture and got him even more excited about school.  The smiley faces were important because she has smiley faces all over her classroom so the kids just have to remember to look for the smiley faces and they will know they are in the right place.

Ashton and his balloon from Mrs. Jenkins

I could tell when we were walking up to the school Ash was getting a little nervous he hung really close to me and got pretty quiet.  But he was still pretty happy and followed along with all the other kids.  Once I was done with all my stuff I was able to go get him from the library and we got a school t-shirt and made sure we were signed up to help out as much as I could.  I think this is going to be a great year for Ashton, and I still can't believe he is already in kindergarten. 


So because I was going to be staying with Ashton I wasn't able to take Noah to preschool so I had to have Jason take the day off so he could take him.  I was a little worried, when Noah woke up and he was being a little grouchy, not wanting to get dressed or to cooperate, but we finally got him ready and we were able to take a couple of pictures before Ashton and I had to leave.  I gave Jason the little point and shoot camera and told him to take pictures, and I am so glad he is willing to do so and loves to have pictures as much as I do, well almost.  So he got him dropped off and said he was happy and willing to go with no problems. 

 I loved this little video Jason did while walking to preschool this morning with Noah.

We were all able to go and pick Noah up from preschool and he seemed like one happy little boy.  I am excited for this year with Noah in preschool, it gives me a little time to myself but also I get to be involved with the field trips they take once a month and the little programs they put on.  I love knowing what it going on and being involved.