Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Floors

So we had to so something about the carpet in the living room behind the front door.  We had a cat that decided to use it as a littler box and was peeing in the corner, we couldn't get the smell out so Jason just cut the carpet and pad out and there was a corner of the sub flooring showing for months.  I was finally sick of it and said something needs to be done now.  So I went on the hunt for the perfect wood flooring, we got bids from about 4 different company's and after going back and forth and trying to make one of them work and not being able to get what we wanted, we went back to the very first company I had gotten a quote from and went with them.  It was such a good decision too, it a small local company and they did an amazing job, the floors look awesome and we couldn't be happier with the new floors.  I am even okay with having to clean them all the time, the dark does show everything but I love them every time I see them. 

The wood floors continue down in the basement and along the short little hallway in front of the garage door.  I have searched in my pictures and can't find any pictures with the carpet tucked in the living room and then of the basement floors, I guess I will need to take some tomorrow when I have better lighting.