Tuesday, September 4, 2012

95th Birthday

So my Grandma Slaughter has been living with Dad and Val since around the beginning of the year and it has been nice to have her close by we get to see her much more often then when she was in Mesa.  We decided that we needed to throw her a large party for her 95th birthday, not knowing how much longer she is going to be around we need to celebrate while we can.  So Dad had me make the invitations and we had them printed and sent out well in advance so that people from out of state could make all the arrangements to come if they wanted.

 We had the party in Dad and Val's back yard it is a big yard and great for large gatehrings, we had a great turn out with wonderful food of course.  I also got to make the cake for grandma, I asked what she wanted and it was red velvet, which of course was fine by me. I was pleased with how the cake turned out.

We had a wonderful turn out with lots of family and friends, I wish Jason had been able to be there with me, but unfortunately he had a work retreat thing that weekend. 

We tried to get shots of all the different families with grandma, along with a whole large group shot.

My mom and Grandma Slaughter

The kids had fun playing in the dog kennel

Its sure fun to be an aunt, and Krew is so chubby and adorable how could I not love holding him every chance I get.

Noah had so much fun on the swings

Gage playing with an old truck that was my dad's when he was a little boy, they just don't make toys like they use to.

The Birthday Girl, star of the party, she seemed to have a wonderful time visitng and being surrounded by her family.

Whole family group shot