Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Catch Up

So I was going to blog about the rest of our summer but I am just not up for it so I am going to finish off the rest of the summer with this last post.  For my birthday Jason had a work retreat that weekend, I know awesome right, so we went to breakfast at one of our favorite little cafes for breakfast before he headed off to work.  It was fun I think we need to do it more often.

Then we went to dinner at Texas roadhouse, with all the family that was in town for Grandma's party, we had quite the large group the highlight was when my 95 year old grandma climbed up on the saddle for out happy birthday song, it was awesome. 

Then on Sunday when Jason was finally home I wanted to do something fun with the family so we headed up to Park city and did the alpine slide and coaster, the boys and us loved it.  We ended the birthday weekend with a little shopping trip to the outlets for my birthday present. 

For the 4th we decided to go to Lagoon, the boys have been dying to go and figured we just needed to make it happen, some people thought we were crazy to go on a holiday but it was actually not that busy.  It was hot but it is July so you kind of have to expect the heat.  We had so much fun, Noah was so sad that he couldn't ride all the big rides, he would hang his head and try to tell us how big was.  He definitely is our thrill seeker.  Ashton is much more hesitant, we got him on the white roller coaster, wild mouse, and the Bat and that was all for the big rides.  He could of rode most of them but they all seemed to scary for him. 

Then came the big trip of the summer, I headed to Canada with the boys and the twins.  We were going for a family reunion, I was most excited to see Grandma and Grandpa it had been almost 6 years since I have seen them, and they had never met Noah yet.  We broke the trip up in two days we spent the night in Great Falls Montana, then made it to Canada the second day.  We had a small little hiccup at the boarder, they almost made an issue about me bringing the boys across the boarder without a letter from Jason saying it was okay because he was not with us (he had the annual Alphagrapics conference in Florida so he wasn't able to come with us)  I had done my research and nothing said I needed a letter, so I was a little annoyed but in the end he let us go.

It was great to see grandma and grandpa and check out there new place to live.  They have to have separate rooms now.  Grandma is in a wing for the patients with dementia, and grandpa has his own room.

 The big hit of the trip for my boys was the pool and the water slide, we had to go swimming every day we were there.  I begged off one night and the twins were so good to take the boys.  I don't know what I would of done on this trip without the Uncles to help out, they were seriously a god send.  At one point the boys wanted nothing from me and it was all about the uncles, I want the uncles to do it, I want the uncles to take me.  I hope my boys know how lucky they are to have such awesome uncles who love them and indulge them as much as they do. 

The family reunion went well, it was a lot of work seeings how mom was in charge of it so that meant we spent a lot of time helping with the food and getting the room all set up.  I was exhausted by the  end of the trip.  Then we still had a two day drive a head of us, I have sworn that I will not make that drive again, it is worth it to fly and pay the extra money. 

This was my summer for wedding cakes, It seemed like I was doing one every weekend.  It wasn't that bad it just felt like it.  There were three wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes and making the cupcake stand, and then a cake for my grandma's 95th birthday.


Ariana said...

fun trip and gorgeous cakes!!