Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Chairs

So this weekend Jason was checking out KSL and came across these chairs, we thought that they would be fun in the family room.  I will be painting the legs and arms and recovering the main chair part, the fabric is awful and so doesn't go with our room.  The fabric is a mauve pinky purple color with a small blue stripe.   Not cool at all, and I don't care for the color of the arms and legs, it doesn't go with our room at all.  I am thinking about painting the arms and legs either black or white I haven't decided yet.  Then I need to figure out the fabric I want to use. 

I went and picked them up yesterday and got them home and in the family room.  I am liking how they look, I pulled my side table from our bedroom to put between them for now to get an idea as to what it would look like all put together.  When Jason came home last night he gave his stamp of approval, the only thing was he doesn't think they look bad in the condition they are in.   He is crazy I am  not leaving them in the state they are in, I am a little nervous to attempt to recover them, especially the tufting part but I guess we will see what happens.  The best part about all of this I got both of these chairs for $30, I love KSL.


Ariana said...

Whoa....your husband looks at KSL for furniture? And finds good stuff and tells you about it??? Lucky! :) Those look like a good project....you'll make them awesome!