Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First snow

So Last week we had our first snow of the season, the boys were pretty excited to go outside and play.  So we woke up Saturday morning to snow and before I could let the boys go out and play I had to go and buy Ashton some snow boots.  It has been on my list of things I needed to buy for a while but like most things it got pushed to the side until it was totally necessary.  So we headed to Target after Jason got home from school and I got Ashton some new boots and we found some new gloves for the boys also. 

I couldn't get them ready fast enough we got home, they had so much fun playing outside, they made snow angels and went sledding and ate a lot of snow(all clean of course).  Noah got tired of being outside after about 40 mins so he headed inside but Ash wasn't done so I stayed outside with him for a while then I was done and headed inside.  He stayed out there for about 20 mins by himself playing, this is definitely a first for him loving the snow this much. 

I thought it was funny how our tree flattened out so much as was almost touching the ground.  I am now hoping that this snow melts so that I can get outside and pull out all the flowers and get the yard ready for winter.