Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I got the boys all ready and tried to take some pictures of them, it was quite the adventure.

Almost got a good picture

Finally a decent picture, its not perfect but it works

This is how we use up some of their energy before heading out

It turned out to be a beautiful Halloween this year, the weather was awesome.  I took the boys Trick or Treating at the Square with the Jones family, Ashton loved hanging out with Maddox and Noah loves being with Jerzie.  It was a little crazy with all the people trick or treating we did this a few years ago and I don't remember it being so busy, I guess it is a little more popular these days. 

It is so cute how much Noah loves to be around Jerzie

This was hands down the best costume of the night, Ledger made the cutest homeless guy!

Jason wasn't sure if he was going to go to school or not and at the last minute he decided not to go so after we did the square we came home had a quick dinner and waited for Daddy to go around the neighborhood.  Jason was worried that we were going to early, it was about 6:00 but I don't care I would much rather go early and then get home.  We made a circle around the neighborhood and were almost home and when I asked Ashton if he wanted to go to another house, he said "no my pumpkin is getting to heavy to carry I don't want any more candy" so he headed home and I took Noah to a few more houses, he was so stinking cute saying trick or treat.

I told them to give me their meanest pirate faces.

But he also had some not so cute moments, we had quite a few meltdowns, the first one was when we went to a neighbors house that the boys have gone to before and played and Noah knows that they have Thomas trains to play with.  He was mad because he couldn't go in and play.  Then we had many melt downs because Ashton beat him to the front door, or he didn't get to ring the door bell.

We got home and then handed out candy to the trick or treaters, and of course we also had to have fights over who handed out the candy.  The boys watched It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown, while eating a ton of candy.  Well Noah ate a ton Ashton had two packages of smarties and that was all.  Jason actually ended up going to class after all and he got the points he needed so it worked out in the end. 


Korie Bellamy Photography said...

you really got some great photos of your boys!!