Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Ashton

I can't believe that these 5 years have gone by in such a hurry.  Ashton you are such a joy to have around (most of the time, you do have that stubborn side of you that you get from both mom and dad)  but overall you are such a good kid, and I couldn't love you more.

 I will never forget being in the hospital with you and how terrified Daddy was he had never had much experience with kids and he jumped in with both feet and never looked back.  From the moment he saw you he was a goner, he was so in love with you.  It took me a little longer, kid you were not so easy to deliver, but once the pain was gone and I was able to focus on you I to fell head over heels in love. 

Now here we are five years later and still I am so in love, and I can't wait to see you  you change and grow!

five things I love about Ashton
1. You still love to cuddle with me
2. You are such a tender hearted child
3. You are so cute with Grey these days, you love to have her cuddle with you on the couch
4. You are so good at figuring things out
5. You love learning, and you soak up everything around you, even the bad things which isn't always awesome but you are still learning.

I love you Ashton and hope that you have an awesome day