Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason

Happy 36th birthday Jason!!  as some might say I am one lucky girl to have all my boys birthdays in one month.  It makes for a busy month around our house.

 We celebrated with the family yesterday with a meal of Jason's choice, Fajitas, rice, salad, and chips and salsa it was delicious.  I asked what Jason wanted for a cake and since he can't eat a lot of things he narrowed it down to 2 different cookies.  So I made him no bake cookies, which we discovered doesn't bother him, and a peanut butter cornflake cookie which did make him pretty sick :(  I did feel a little bad about not making him a cake but I did what he wanted.    I was nice though and only made him blow out 1 candle.

Some things I love about Jason are:

He is a wonderful father
He works hard to provide for our family
He is going back to school to set a good example for the boys
He makes me laugh, even when I don't want him too
He will watch chick flicks with me without too many complaints
He will indulge me and my need to take pictures of everything
He seems to know what I am thinking without me saying a word.

Happy Birthday my love I hope you have many happy days in the year to come!!