Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jason's Hives

So last week on Tuesday Jason called me and said he was on his way to the Hospital, he had had lunch and came back and had this coughing fit that wouldn't stop and then he had this awful metallic taste in his mouth and then on his way to the ER he started having chest pains, they did a bunch of tests and decided that he had some stomach fluids that he had aspirated and that was why he had that awful taste in his mouth so they gave him a prescription for some medication to help with the acid reflux and while he was at the ER they gave him some zantax.  He came home and felt somewhat better but not great then around 8:00 or so he started to itch and felt some bumps we realized he was having an allergic reaction so we called the ER and they said not to worry about it, take a benadryl and if he felt like his throat was closing up then to come in.  I went and got him some Benedryl and he took one and nothing happened his hives were getting worse.  around 9:30 he finally decided to take another benedryl hoping it would help.  By 10:00 he felt like his tongue was swelling up so I called my friend Chelsea to come and just be here with the boys (they were asleep) and Jason and I headed to the ER.  We headed up to University Hospital because that was where he had gone earlier that day.  By the time we got there he felt better I think the second benedryl had kicked in.  He didn't want to go inside so we headed home again.

His bottom lip swelled up the first night

Wednesday he went to work as normal, he had a few hives but it looked better than it did when he had gone to bed the night before.  While he was at work he had a major hive attach all over his body and this was after he had been taking Benedryl all day long.  When he came home he had hives all over his body, I called the ER again and I was told that they couldn't give out help over the phone but if we were worried then we should go in.  This time Jason headed to the ER by himself while I was at home with the boys.  They ran some tests and couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, they were defiantly puzzled, Jason said that a  bunch of Dr's came in and wanted to see his hives because it was such an odd thing that they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.  A co worker of Jason's had sent him a text while he was at the ER and he ended up going up to be with Jason, they were wanting to keep him for about 4 hours to make sure his throat didn't close up.  I felt bad that I wasn't with Jason but I was thankful for Jesse who sat with Jason and kept him company.  Jason finally got home around 12:30am with another prescription for Pregnazone and no real diagnosis. 

This is what Jason looked like when he came home from work on Wednesday, this was before he headed to the hospital.

While in the hospital Jason took these pictures, I don't know if he took them knowing that I would love to seem what he captured or not but that is what I like to think anyways.

Jason being Jason has spent most of his free time googling and trying to figure out what was wrong with him.  He decided to go gluten free and see if that would help the hives so, he had cut out all wheat and soda and Thursday the hives came and went just like they had on Wednesday.  At this point we have decided that the hives were induced by what he ate and possibly got worse because of stress. 

 Friday the hives were almost gone they seemed to be focusing on his limbs now, like his arms.   By this time Jason has switched from taking benedryl every 4 hours to taking a Zyrtec once every 24 it seemed to do the trick. Zyrtec seemed to be pretty awesome it helped with the hives and Jason only had to take it once a day. 

Saturday the hives had moved to the lower part of his body, they were mostly on his legs and feet.  This was the last day that he took the pregnazone and a Zyrtec.  Even though he had a small amount of hives on the lower part of his body, he seemed to be feeling much better and more like himself.

Sunday the hives were gone, he ended up getting a few small patches of hives around he neck but they seemed to be triggered by heat, because they quickly went away.  Jason didn't even take a Zyrtec at all on Sunday. 

So here we are Thursday and the hives are gone, and he hasn't been taking anything at all to help, he still has cut out all wheat and is only eating meat and fruits and vegetables.  He did have a soda yesterday and he said no hives but he did get wheezy, so we will see what that means for his soda consumption.  He did some research, and discovered that there are reactions to aspartame, which diet soda is loaded with and he has had all those reactions in the last week, so I think that means no more soda for Jason.  For those that know him, realize how hard this is going to be for him.


Ariana said...

Poor guy! Oh my gosh. That looks like no fun, especially since they can't pinpoint the cause. Has he ever has an allergy test done? Like the scratches on the back thing.