Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So I took the boys to the dentist for the first time today, Jason had found this office online and we choose it because it had great reviews.  I made the appointment for them yesterday and was pleasently surprised that I was able to get them in so quickly.  I tried to prepare them for going by telling them they would have their teeth brushed and then the dentist will check out their teeth. 

We walked in the office and the boys were in heaven the waiting room was full of toys and a movie was going.  I had filled out the new patient info online which was awesome so we were all ready to go, we only had to wait a few minutes before we got called back.  We were taken to a room with two chairs in it so that the boys could be done together.  Ashton was a little nervous, but he was awesome and climbed in the chair and let the hygenist do what she needed to.  She took x rays of his teeth and then brushed his teeth.  He did gag a couple of times when she was doing the x rays, but I think that was because he would forget to bite down hard on the little cards.  I wasn't able to pay much attention to Ashton because I had my hands full with Noah.  But Ashton did amazing and the Hygenist was so awesome with him I didn't need to worry.

Noah on the other hand like always was my wild child he threw the biggest fit the moment we walked back to the exam room.  He didn't want x rays, he didn't want to feel the fun tooth brush they had, he didn't want to cooperate with anything.  I finally had to just hold him down and brush his teeth.  He didn't have x ray's done and they weren't able to do  a thorogh cleaning.  I had to sit down in the chair and hold him while the dentist looked at his teeth, he said it all looked good.  He did ask if he sucked his thumb or a binky.  I said yes to the binky, and he seemed happy about that, he said he would rather it be a binky rather than a thumb.  I thought that was interesting.

The office has a mascot Captain Molar, so we went online and watched a short little video and then remembered the code word and told the ladies there and both boys got superhero capes.  Each time they have a good visit with no cavaties then they will get another piece to their super hero costume.  I think that this a fantastic idea for the boys.  Overall I was thrilled with the visit and I hope next time Noah won't be so unhappy.


Elizabeth Cull said...

They did enjoy their trip to the dentist, all thanks to Captain Molar, huh? It's awesome that there's some kind of gimmick like this. There should be a female counterpart too--like a ballerina or perhaps a tooth fairy.

Elizabeth Cull