Saturday, October 2, 2010

I have no words

Noah wanted some cheese this afternoon, so I got him some in a bowl and turned to finish making dinner.  When I turned back around this is what he was doing.  I was mad at first then I grabbed my phone and documented it.  This child is is going to drive me crazy!

Noah has been climbing out of his crib for quite a while now.  He had gotten better about staying in bed, it usually only took once or twice putting him back to bed and if we were lucky we would put him down and he stayed.  It was kind of nice that he was able to get out of bed when he woke up, he would just get out of bed and come and find me.  We did worry about him hurting himself by climbing out of the crib, so Jason decided to convert the crib tonight.  The crib came with the railing to make the crib a toddler bed but we hadn't used it yet.  To say the boys loved it would be and understatement.  They had a blast jumping on the bed and out of it.  To say that I am terrified is also an understatement, I wasn't ready for Noah to have this kind of freedom, I realize he was climbing out anyways but this will make it that much easier.  Lets just hope that he doesn't abuse his freedom.


Lisa said...

it is the 2nd child that give us wrinkles and grey hair. it must be universal! :)