Monday, September 27, 2010

Twin's b-day

It was the Twins birthday on Friday so we had a dinner and get together for them at Dad and Val's house.  AS usual the food was fantastic and it was nice to be all together as a family. 

I know everyone LOVES it when I pull out the camera, but that is my job to take pictures to remember all these family things :)

Angela and Leland birthday boy #1, I only got a picture of Angela because I promised to only show her face, she is 8 months pregnant and doesn't think she looks cute but she is wrong!  She is one cute pregnant girl.  I wish I looked as good as she does when I am pregnant.

Birthday boy #2 Aaron

Leslie, Dad, Lindsey, and Val

Of course we needed to have some pictures of the favorite nephew and the birthday boys

Not sure who took this one I don't remember doing it, Josh and Tyson they are quite the pair

The look on the twins faces should tell you how they really feel about all my picture taking.  I made them this dessert it was cream puffs with  chocolate and powdered sugar over all of it.  Happy Birthday Leland and Aaron we love you guys