Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just one of those days

I have laundry that needs to be done, a kitchen that needs to be cleaned, a trip that I need to start packing for.  But what am I doing sitting here at my computer and I can't quite get up the energy to get going. 

The boys are dividing their time between watching a movie and playing trains(which has taken over the living room and has been there for over a month now.  I don't love it but the boys will play for hours every day so I keep it there.  There is also the fact that there really isn't anywhere else for it to go.)  I have said it before but these GeoTrax have been the best investment we have ever made.  They get played with the most out of all their toys.


klynnphotography said...

I second that Geo tracks statement!! what a great sturdy investment. your day sounds a lot like my week ... except I've had to get dressed to take Ethan to school. 1st grade is looking better and better:) lol