Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pre School Countdown and my toe

So today we got to go and meet Ashton's teacher for Preschool, and to check it all out.  He was so excited to go.  We had bought him a back pack a few weeks ago and he likes to wear it around the house and say that he is going to preschool.  His teacher Miss Gail had a little open house today so we could go and meet her and check out the school, she also took  pictures of the kids to put on their baskets for their homework. 

Ashton and Noah both had so much fun playing with the toys and the other kids that were there, it was difficult trying to get them to leave.  Ashton actually cried and threw a fit because he wanted to stay at preschool.   He was so upset about wanting to go back to preschool, when we got home I quickly made this countdown for him,  so he knows when he gets to go back to preschool.  I am thrilled that he is so excited to be going, it is nice having a child that is so well adjusted that he will be excited to go to preschool and isn't worried that I won't be there with him.

I am so excited for Ashton to be embarking on this new adventure, it is going to be so good for him.

On a separate note, a few weeks ago I stubbed my toe pretty bad and thought that I was going to lose my toe nail.  It hurt for about a week and then seemed like it was going to be fine.  Then Sunday night I was putting the strollers away in the shed and I stubbed my toe again this time there was no saving it.  I had to go to insta care and have it taken off, it was only attached on one side.  Having the toe nail itself taken off was easy the part that hurt was the shots to numb the toe.  I will admit I cried it was awful, I am a baby.  So now I have a huge purple bandage and there will only be flip flops in my near future. 


Natalie said...

SICK, that is really sick Kara!
On a lighter note, I thought your idea for a pre-school countdown is so so so cute. Pre-school IS so exciting, for the mommy too:)

Kara said...

At least I didn't take a picture of my toe when the nail was off and bleeding all over the place. That was much worse looking :)

Bellamy Family said...

OUCH!!! you must have been in a ton of pain to go to the instacare!!

Ariana said...

Ouch! That makes me shudder!! Hope it feels better soon. And in the mean time, I hope it doesn't rain on your flip-flop feet.