Thursday, August 5, 2010

The joys of raising Noah

So when Noah came along I just assumed that he would be like Ashton was, easy going and just went along with just about anything.  Now Ashton did have his melt downs and fits but they were few and far between and you could easily distract him.

But Noah has been a whole different story.  He wasn't an awful baby he just wanted to be held a lot and wasn't entertained with the tv (don't judge me with this one, sometimes you have to do whatever works) like Ashton was.  Then he became mobile, things improved somewhat when he was able to crawl and get where he wanted to go.  Then he started walking, he was walking at 11 months which was much earlier than Ashton did, and he became even happier, he could follow everybody around and things seemed better, or so I thought.  

Then started the tantrums, I can't remember now when they exactly started but whenever Noah was told no he would throw a huge fit.  It didn't matter where we were if you told him no or you tried to get him to do something that he didn't want to do he would let you know about it.  Diaper changes (we still have issues with this one), getting in his car seat, changing his clothes, going inside, sitting in the high chair, being told no, trying to take a picture,  are just a few of the things he throws fits over. 

This fit was especially wonderful, we were riding the lift at Sundance and he threw a fit trying to get out of my arms the whole ride down the mountain.

Now this may be my favorite picture of all, he was throwing rocks and I told him to stop.  He threw himself down on the ground and cried like his life depended on it.  When he was done and he stood up, there was dirt and rocks all over the side of his face I couldn't stop laughing.  It was one of those moments that the only thing to do was to laugh and take a picture.

I love this little kid to death but, over the last year he has been a great method of birth control.  I have had no desire for another child while he has been so difficult. Even though I do want one more I don't think I could handle a baby and this little monster at the same time. 

Now I hate to jinx this but the last few weeks Noah has started to mellow out a little bit, we still have fits  but they are starting to be less and less and I am thinking that he is leaving the Terrible Two's that he has been in the last year, even though he hasn't hit 2 yet. 

He has been wanting to cuddle with me and I LOVE it when he snuggles in on my shoulder and tucks his hands between our bodies, it is just precious.  It goes a long way with helping to neutralize all the fits that are thrown through the day.  I will walk in the family room and he will pat the couch next to him and want me to sit by him and then he crawls in my lap, how can I not love it when all he wants is me to cuddle with. 

The only downside to this attachment that he has is that if I am around, there is no one else that can help him or do anything for him but me.  Some nights by the time 8:00 rolls around I am so ready for him to be in bed so that I can do something without him hanging onto my leg or needing to be in my lap at all times.  I am just hoping that this sweet little boy that is emerging is going to stick around for a while, cause I kind of like him! 


Ariana said...

Oh those pictures are just hilarious! Good thing he's a cute monster. ;-) I totally see these pictures in his future wedding montage.......hehehehehe

Bellamy Family said...

I love the pic you got of him holding the lollipop (the 2nd lollipop of course) wink wink
I've had a little noah ... it gets better:) just enjoy the ride

Lisa said...

UM yes - i know what you mean, cause i have a 2nd child as well who keeps me on my toes daily. she has mellowed and she does great in school so all is well here :) with the low lows probably come high highs, right?? Noah looks awesome!

Natalie said...

What a cute/funny post. I laughed so hard at the picture of his face planted in the dirt, it is most likely because I was there to whitness it.
Hang in there, he is a cute kid:)