Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 24th weekend

Jason had taken all last week off so we spent most of our time working on the deck.  By the time the weekend came around we were both ready for a break and needed to have some fun.  We got some fireworks to light off with the boys.  Ashton originally was very excited about this but once we started lighting them he was scared and wanted to head inside. 

I made him sit by me and kept telling him it was fine and there was no need to be afraid.  Noah on the other had sat in my lap and wasn't bothered at all by them.

Sunday we decided last minute to head up to Sundance and ride the lift.  I figured it would be cooler up there so it would be a nice break from the heat.  We stopped at Mom and Myron's house on our way to see if they wanted to join us.  So we all piled in our car (it's so nice to be able to fit 7 people) and headed up the canyon. 

We got our tickets and headed up the mountain, I love to be up Provo Canyon it just feels like home.  Noah was quite thrilled with our little adventure for most of the ride up then he decided he didn't want to sit still any longer.  Ashton rode with Mama and Pappa, and loved the whole ride.

So we had to get off at the top and let him run around for a while before we got back on the lift.  I am still amazed at how different my two boys are Ashton will be still and enjoy what is going on and Noah doesn't enjoy anything unless he is going full speed ahead.  It definitely makes for some interesting times around our house.  This is a typical example with Noah, everyone smiling for a picture and Noah is throwing a fit, hopefully he will grow out of this soon.

Ashton puts up with mom having the camera out and wanting to take pictures pretty good these days, he will even smile on command most of the time.  Although here is saying mom I am done with pictures right now :)

Noah decided to scream and carry on the whole way down the mountain, we did get a few minutes of peace when we passed some other people coming up and an older gentleman said "Hey stop that crying" and he actually did at least for a few minutes. 

During he struggles he managed to lose one of his crocs, so when we finally got down to the bottom he had to run around with only one shoe.  It didn't bother him at all, now I have a good excuse to go and buy him some new shoes :)

It wouldn't be a stop at Sundance without getting  a sucker so we all had to have one and just walked around and let the little boys get some of their energy out.  It was an awesome afternoon. 

Afterwards we headed back to mom and Myron's and had some dinner and played a few games of croquet.  It was a great way to end the weekend.



Bellamy Family said...

looks like fun!! I'm sure camping with us would have been more fun though ... lol
talk to you soon