Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Antelope Island

Last Saturday, Ashton was sleeping Noah was playing with Trains and Jason and I were in the office both on our computers.  Jason said out of the blue, lets go to Antelope Island now those that know Jason he doesn't usually come up with ideas like this.  He is happy and content to stay at home, while I am the one that loves traveling and going on little adventures.  So I jumped on this idea and said lets go.  We had to wait till Ashton woke up, (which incidentally was only a few more minutes, thanks to Noah) and off we headed. 

I none of us had ever been there before so I thought I would be fun.  We got there and headed to the visitor center, cause you have to see the visitor center, it was small but was kind of cool.  I think that best part was actually right outside, there were about three birds nests that had baby birds in them.  We stood and watched them for a while, it was fun to see the mom bird come back and all the baby birds sit up tall and open their mouths for some food, and off the mom would fly again. 

Then we headed down to the water.  It was quite the walk to get down to the water, the sand was so deep and soft that with every step you would sink in the sand, it was not easy going.  The boys were both so excited to go and play in the water.  Noah had insisted on bringing his ball with him.  He didn't let it go till he got in the water.

Ashton decided he needed to collect rocks on his way, he had so many at one point he couldn't keep them all in his hands. 

The water wasn't as stinky as I thought it was going to be and the boys had a blast playing in the water.  They could of stayed there for hours.  They were throwing rocks and mud and Daddy even showed them how to skip rocks. 

We had to practically drag them when it was time to go.  I wasn't really prepared for them to get in the water and get wet so they were both soaked from the waist down.  We ended up having to take their pants off on the way back.  Noah wanted to be carried and I didn't want to get soaked so I took his off.  Ashton started to complain about his shorts hurting his legs, so off his went and he walked back in his underwear and shirt.  I am sure that some people would be horrified by this but oh well. 

Overall it was a fun little outing and the boys had a blast so I count it as a great outing.


Bellamy Family said...

those are some great pics:) You guys are always doing something!!