Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Closet Remodel

So last week I decided I wanted to do some kind of project, and I came up with the master closet.  It has never been super functional, it was fine but not great.  So after getting a few ideas I decided I could fix it and make it much more functional.  I actually changed my mind about three different times during this process and made some changes along the way.  But now it is done I am thrilled with how it has turned out. 

Before: Just three bars and a shelf on the top nothing great and there was this wasted space in the corner that we couldn't do anything with.

After:  I built shelves on one side and then raised up the bars so that the bottom bar wasn't hitting the floor.  Then I added a fourth bar to make more space.  I also was able to get rid of the dead space in the corner.  I just shortened the left side so that the clothes could go all the way across when you walk in.   The whole closet got a fresh coat of paint and I was finished. 

I had these vinyl wall decals, I decided to put them in the closet.  Originally I thought I wanted to paint some kind of design on this wall but this was much easier and quicker to do. 

 I am super happy with how it has turned out so far.


Bellamy Family said...

you're amazing!! by the way I have your stroller ... it's gonna cost ya:)