Monday, October 11, 2010

iphone= love

I was tired of looking at my last post so I am posting something new :) This is all a bunch of random pictures taken from the iphone. I have to say that I love my iphone, I can't imagine life without it.  Okay that may be a stretch but I sure do love this phone. 

While daddy was mowing the lawn, the boys wanted to get in the action with grass and their lawn mowers, they made quite the mess all over the driveway but they had fun.

breakfast would not be the same without a bowl on the head right?

If your going to eat ice cream it is best to get the entire scoop on your spoon all at once.  While your at it lets get the ice cream all over your face, and of course you must offer a bit to mommy.

Please be sure to hold on tight with both hands while falling asleep in the car.


Bellamy Family said...

I must be a little grumpy because I can't stop thinking about how there was probably milk in that bowl and now Noah will need another bath and a change of clothes etc. etc.