Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

So we headed to the pumpkin patch on Saturday with the Bellamy Family.  We decided to try a different place than we have gone for the last couple of years.  We headed to Black Island Farms up in Syracuse so it was a little bit of a drive.  They had all sorts of fun things for kids to do, there were animals they could feed, slides for them to ride, and tractor rides, corn mazes.  The boys had so much fun, the only bad part was that if we wanted to go and get a pumpkin we had to wait in the very very long line to take a wagon ride that would lead us to the pumpkin patch.  There was no way that the boys would of waited in that long of a line so we decided to bag it and we will have to go somewhere else to get pumpkins.

This was the great big hay slide the boys had a blast riding it, and I had a blast watching them go down it.  They made it about half way down then they would flip around it was funny to watch them. 

Ashton was up first

Now it is Noah's turn

The boys were so excited to ride this, I was actually surprised that Noah sat still the whole time and didn't even try to climb out.

This was the corn box, like a sand box but filled with corn.  What a great idea, the boys had a blast playing in it and I loved it cause they weren't filthy when they were done.

We went through the corn maze for a little bit, Noah found some corn and was having fun throwing it back in the corn stalks.  Ashton of course had to pee while we were in the maze, luckily we were at a dead end so I just made him pee on the corn stalks.  The joys of having a boy!  I try to get Noah to look at the camera and smile but it is almost impossible.

I wanted at least one pic of the family, this is typical of our pics these days.  Noah screaming and throwing a fit and Ashton not paying attention to the camera.  Oh well I am sure one day I will look back and think it is funny.

There are so few good pics of Jason and I so I made Korie take one.  Jason just rolls his eyes with me and wanting all these pics, but I know that one day he will be happy I did.