Tuesday, October 12, 2010

story time

Every night as part of the bedtime routine the boys get their jammies on and we find blankets and sippys, then we all gather in Ashton's room to read books.

 Ashton has been getting these book orders through his preschool and it totally brought back me being in school and pouring over the book orders and wishing I could get some books, anyways I decided to get some new books.  I thought that the boys would like some new ones to read and there were some pretty good deals.  So we got the new books and there have been a few favorites we have to read every night.  One of them is "the Hungry Caterpillar" and another one is "we are opposites."

I was getting ready for the day a few days ago and I over heard Ashton and Noah  in Ashton's room and they were looking at books.  All of the sudden I heard Ashton reading "we are opposites"  it is a really simple book with pictures of animals and it says things like "I am clean" "Your dirty", "I'm dry" "Your wet".  Ashton read the whole book.  I was totally shocked, so tonight while we were reading I thought it would be fun to have Ashton read and show Jason.  So he read the opposites book, then he read the hungry caterpillar.  He has read the opposites book word for word.  Then I had him read the hungry caterpillar next.  He did pretty good with this one he didn't read it word for word by any means but he had the story down.

Jason was floored, and I have to say so am I.  Now I know he isn't actually reading the words, he is using the pictures and telling us what they are saying but  it is still awesome to watch and to realize that my first born is getting so big.