Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

So last week, we were invited to the Gibsons for a Halloween party and pumpkin carving.  It was a lot of fun, of course the boys didn't want to help with the pumpkins at all they just wanted to play which was fine by me.  We were in the garage carving the pumpkins and it was perfect the kids could ride bikes all around us and then when they wanted to go inside they could.  It was a great evening with friends.

We had lots of yummy food, I made an apple crisp and some carmel dip and some apple.  Both recipes were new ones I hadn't made before and they both turned out great.  The apples I used were from my mom's apple tree.

Noah, Nate, and Ashton.  They were so cute all sitting together watching the movie.  Noah thinks he is a big kids like everyone else and he is determined to keep up with them.

Finished pumpkins, they all turned out great.

This was Jason's creation.  At first he didn't want to carve a pumpkin, but he was talked into it.

We tried to get a picture of all the kids, but it didn't turn out so good.  Of course Noah was not going to cooperate at all, and you only see Ben's back side, and its a little blurry.  Oh well!

Jason rolls his eyes every time I want a picture of us.  You would think he has gotten use to it by now.

The Maxwell family, Hazel, Natalie, Macie

I will be so happy when the day finally comes when the boys cooperate for pictures and will look at the camera and smile.

Baby Ben, just chillin, having some milk.  He was the cutest little alien.


Kevin and Amber said...

It was fun!!! I'm so glad you guys came.

Bellamy Family said...

I wish my garage could host a party!! one day
we've still got to carve ours. I'm not looking forward to the mess:)