Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pre-School family fun carnival

So last week at Ashton's preschool there was a family carnival, I almost forgot about it and remembered about the time we were going to leave.  So I grabbed the camera and off we went.  Noah was in heaven that he was able to stay at preschool with Ashton, he throws a fit everyday when we leave he wants to stay and play. 

Noah wasn't shy about jumping in and playing games, he especially liked this one because it had balls.  And this child loves balls.

Ashton tried out the fishing pond, he caught a spider ring

Ashton played blackout bingo, he was most excited at the end when he could eat his m&m's

Musical pictures, Noah watched for a couple rounds then he decided he wanted to play to. 

Then we headed upstairs and watched two short little scary movies, and had popcorn.  Before we headed up to watch movies we told some scary stories in the dark.  Ashton was quite funny he kept saying he was scared and wanted to leave.  I guess having your child be scared shouldn't be funny but it was, the stories were just silly.

Then the kids got sugar cookies to decorated with candy and pizza and apple juice to eat.  Of course Ashton didn't touch the pizza, he kept asking for pizza bread (which at our house is either bread sticks or the crust of the pizza cut off)  some of the other mom's were there and laughing at Ashton and how they have children just like him.  Noah of course is my good eater, he will eat almost anything we give him it is awesome.

Ashton showing off the pumpkin Miss Gail gave all the kids, she painted them all.  They were so awesome, Noah got to choose one too.

It was a fun morning and it was fun to see Ashton in a different setting and how he interacts with other kids and his teacher.  I can't believe how big he is getting.


Natalie said...

How fun,don't you LOVE pre-school???