Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love being home

I had to take this week off of work because Ashton's daycare was closed. It has been so nice to just be home I could so get use to this. Ashton and I went over to the Bellamys house today so that the boys could play. Ethan is 3 1/2 but they play together really well and it lets Korie and I sit and talk. We had a great afternoon. The kids played in the pool in the front yard and when they got tired of that we came inside and they watched a movie. It is just funny to see how kids interact with each other, Ashton will try to do what the older kids are doing, but then he is also content sitting and watching them play.

Ethan and Ashton playing in the pool

Ashton sitting on the front step after he dumped out all of his puffs, watching Ethan and Maggie running around. He was so content and happy I didn't even stop him from eating them off the ground. Oh well a little dirt never hurt anybody right?

Mason was all smiles and happy after his nap and some food
We just have to thank Korie for a great afternoon we didn't mean to stay as long as we did but it was fun and it wore Ashton out. He fell asleep in the car after about 3 mins and is still asleep now.


Ariana said...

Pool sounds fun....ours sprung a leak from somewhere and I haven't been able to fix it. haha Love the picture of the puffs on the ground. It's all good dirt vitamins, right? :)