Friday, July 18, 2008

Cookie Cutters

I took Ashton to get a haircut today at Cookie Cutters. In the past haircuts have been a stressful thing. Ashton screams and cries the whole time, he won't sit still and it is trying for all involved. I was hoping that going to a place just for kids would make it a better experience. I was right he still fussed a little when she was using the clippers but he sat through the haircut and was awesome. First he got to choose his chair, he choose the police car. Then he got to choose a movie, I actually choose for him they put in Cars for him and that was perfect he sat and watched the movie with only a little bit a crying. I was so happy with the experience that I will definitely be going back again. Besides his haircut looks so cute, my baby is growing up way to fast.
Right before she started cutting his hair. It was so long he needed a haircut really bad
Right after his haircut, he wouldn't look at the camera or even smile, oh well doesn't his hair look cute though!
When we got home I spiked his hair, I did get a little carried away but I think it still looked cute. It makes him look so grown up.


Ariana said...

Love the haircut! Preston has kind of curly/wavy hair, so I have gotten pretty good with the clippers on him since he needs a cut almost every month or he has puffy hair. He sits and watched a Curious George episode and I cut as fast as I can. so far we've only had blood once (wiggled at the wrong time and learned his lesson). haha It was just a tiny nick but still.

Name a day for IKEA and I'll meet you there! :)

Lisa said...

spiked little boy hair is SO CUTE!