Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Family Halloween Party

My mom has a pumpkin carving Halloween party every year.  We had it the Sunday before Halloween, thank goodness the weather was nice so we could carve the pumpkins outside it makes it so much nicer than all of us cramming inside and trying to do it then cleaning it all up so we can eat. 

Ashton was really good with his pumpkin this year, he choose his design and I helped him tape it on then he poked the design all by himself, he also cleaned out most of the insides with only a little help from Uncle Leland.  I did have to help him with some of the carving but he did most of it himself.  Uncle Leland did have to a little fixing of the pumpkin, his stem fell off so he found a large bolt and put it in the top so we could lift the lid off. 

Noah, helped pick out a design and that was about it, he did help for a minute carving the top but I ended up doing the rest.  While I was carving his pumpkin he played with another on and put in some stick in decorations and poked at it. 

Caitlin was the hit of the party, I dressed her in the Halloween outfit I made for her, I figured she could wear it more than once.  She hung out with Daddy most of the time while I was helping the boys with their pumpkins. 

Daddy got in a little carving action after a while to, of course we had to get a picture with everyone and their pumpkins. 

The only reason I am even posting this photo is because of my cute nails.  Not sure what I was scowling at. 

I tried to get a cute picture of my mom with the grand kids, after about a dozen shots this was the best we got.   That's what so awesome about digital, you can take a ton and then get rid of the bad ones.

I loved this photo even though mom's eyes were closed.

It was a fun afternoon and a fun tradition that we look forward to every year.  This was the best shot we got of all of us and it isn't that great.  Oh well, maybe next year.