Thursday, October 17, 2013

family pictures

As this time of year rolls around, I start thinking about family pictures and what we are going to wear and where we are going to have them taken.  I started  going through some old photos and I came across our old family photos.  I love looking at these old pictures and see how much our family has changed over the years. 

Our first family photo in 2006

2007, we tried to get a family for our Christmas card.  Of course a one year old makes it kind of tough for pictures. 

2008, this was our first family photo of a family of 4, the boys were in there pj's and Ashton wasn't looking at the camera.  But it is a family photo none the less. 

Spring 2009, we were still trying to get a decent family photo of the 4 of us. 

Fall of 2009, we had Korie take our family photos this year and I was so happy with how they turned out.  We finally had a great photo of our family.

Fall of 2010, we were having family photos with Myron's side of the family.  I had them snap a few with our little family.  Its how I bribed Jason to go along with the family pictures I told him if we got some good ones then we wouldn't have to take them again this year.

Fall 2011, I had Korie take these again, we went out to Saltair to have these taken.  This was my favorite one of all, I loved the location. 

Fall 2012
I wasn't even going to post this one, I hate it of me.  I know I am pregnant and all but this just makes me look fat.  But it is a family picture so here it is.  We had gotten together for a big family picture on Dad's side of the family and then we did some individual family pictures to.

Spring of 2013, I wasn't even really planning on having a family picture taken till the very last minute.  I was planning on having the kids pictures taken and at the last minute I figured we would try to have a family photo done.  I love the outcome, it isn't the perfect posed photo but it is so our family.