Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Red Barn

So Ashton was out of school for fall break a few weeks ago.  I had big plans to do all sorts of fun things with the kids but alas we didn't do much which was okay in the end.  We did make the trek down to the Red Barn with my Mom.  I say trek because it is all the way in Santaquin which is 63 miles away.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon, it was a perfect afternoon to go they weren't busy at all the we almost had the place to our selves.  You pay for a ride out to the pumpkin patch and when you get there they have a bunch of fun stuff to play on and do.  We didn't get any pumpkins because we had already got them a week before.  They had some slides and a huge sand box with digger toys to play with, a big maze made out of wooden  fruit boxes and the best was the fun tractor bikes they had to ride.  Mom, Caitlin and I even got in on the action.  Before we left we had to buy some of the fresh apples from the orchard, they looked so good we couldn't all decide on what we wanted so we got 3 kinds gala, golden delicious, and honey crisp. 

Jason shared his apple with Caitlin, she loved it!  She cried every time he took it out of her mouth.  We did have to end the apple eating when she got a huge piece in her mouth with the skin on.