Friday, October 4, 2013

33 weeks

This week marked some big milestones for baby girl, she started crawling.  I'm so not ready for this new faze in our lives.  She isn't getting to far but she is moving. 

She now has 4 teeth.  She has bit me a few times, so I'm really shy of letting her get her mouth anywhere near me.  She has also discovered she has teeth she plays with them. 

She also has been pulling herself up she gets on her knees and once or twice she has gotten to her feet. 

She can also get herself into a sitting position when she is laying down.  It is almost time to lower her crib. 

She is getting really good at feeding herself, she picks things up with her fingers and then can put them in her mouth. 

She is doing great with eating, I have cut down the nursing to morning and bedtime,  she now takes her bottles like a champ.  It has been so nice for me to not have to nurse her every 3 hours I don't feel quite as tide down.  She loves food there isn't anything she doesn't like.