Friday, September 27, 2013

32 weeks

Caitlin started clapping this week, it is the cutest thing ever, she will clap then look at her hands like look what I just did with my hands.  Then she will clap again and look around for someone to tell her she's done something cute.  It is adorable

She also had another tooth pop out from her gum, this time it is a top front tooth, the other one is really close behind. 

She is getting much better at getting puffs in her mouth.  She picks them up with her left hand then switches them to her right hand and then in her mouth.  She loves food, I haven't found anything she doesn't like. 

She is definitely attached to me, she will cry if I walk away from her in a room, it makes me a little crazy some days and really tough to get anything done. 

She loves the puppets on baby Einstein, it is so cute to see her face light up when they come on the TV. 

She is so close to crawling, and I am not thrilled about it, I seriously don't want a mobile baby. 

I had my first experience with her biting me, I was holding her and the little stinker bit my arm.