Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sara Bareilles concert

So Jason and I had ticket to the Sara Bareilles and One Republic concert at Deer Valley.  I asked mom if she would watch the kids for us and we came up with the idea to stay the night up in park city so that we wouldn't have the travel time back and forth.  I was leaving Caitlin with her and she is still nursing so the timing was going to be a little tough.  We found a pretty decent deal on a hotel room so we got a room and mom and Myron got a room.  We got up to park city and got checked in and then I feed Caitlin one last time and gave mom her instructions for feeding her and we headed to the concert.  It was raining and got worse the closer we got to deer valley it was raining harder and harder.  Jason got out and went to get our tickets and get in line to save our place.  I went to park the car and meet up with him.  We stood in line for about an hour before they opened the gates.  It stopped raining but the damage was done Jason was pretty soaked and I was a little wet.  I was glad we had brought umbrellas and blankets.  We found our spot on the hill and got out our dinner, we had crackers, cheese, apples, and grapes.  Even though it had rained earlier the night ended up being beautiful night.  The concert was amazing, Sara was incredible I was wishing we had got to hear more from her.  One Republic closed out the concert and they were amazing, I had a pounding headache that wasn't going away so we almost left but I am so glad we stuck it out because they were awesome.  It took us an hour to get back to our hotel.  I was worried about Caitlin and it seems I had good reason to. 

I had feed Caitlin at 4:00 right before we left and then told mom to feed her some food at about 6pm then I had some breast milk and formula she could give her about 8pm.  Well it turns out she wouldn't eat anything, she had a couple bites of food and then wouldn't eat anything else.  She then wouldn't touch the bottle at all.  Mom said she was a little fussy, she took a short nap then finally fell asleep at 10pm.  We got back to the hotel about 11:15 and she woke up when I knocked on the door.  I took her back to our room and feed her, she was starving and then she went back to sleep.  Mom kept both boys with them in their room.