Wednesday, September 18, 2013

7 months

These 7 months have just flown by, I just don't know where the time has gone.  She is such a happy baby and totally completely has everyone in the family wrapped around her little finger.  She sleeps through the night, and takes 2 naps every day.  She is eating food and loves it, I have not found anything that she doesn't like yet.  I was finally able to get her to take a bottle and it has been amazing.  I do still nurse her in the morning and before bed, but she takes a bottle during the day.  Her second bottom tooth finally broke through the gum, it is pretty cute to see those two little teeth poking through, but I do have to say I am sad to see her toothless gummy smile go away.  Other fun facts, she loves watching Baby Einsteins, she loves it when Grey comes around, she is a mommas girl, but she is also all eyes for daddy.  Jason will come home and if she hears him before seeing him she whips all around until she catches his eyes, then gives him the biggest grins ever.  She loves being outside.  She doesn't sit still much any more. I have to say I miss the days when she would sit still in my lap.  All in all I wouldn't change a thing about her she is a perfect ending to this little family of ours.