Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This baby girl just doesn't sit still at all any more, even when I am holding her she is all over the place.  She can roll over but she doesn't seem to like to if she doesn't have to.  She has gotten pretty good at moving around by sitting up kind of rotating and scooting.  Jason keeps trying to get her to crawl, which I am totally against, I don't want a mobile baby yet.  The other day I was changing her into her jammies and I set her down on her floor for a minute while I went to do something.  She ended up playing on her floor for a while just in her diaper.  I don't normally have naked babies, I just always seem to have them dressed.  I love seeing naked babies I just don't normally leave mine naked.  I thought it was kind of cute watching her play with nothing really but she was happy as can be. 

This is where I found Grey for her and made her come out to play with us. 

These rolls just kill me, I just want to squeeze her to death she is so squishy!