Monday, September 9, 2013

Old friends

So I got to spend the evening with a very good old friend last night.  I had been thinking about Naomi a lot lately, so I sent her a text Friday and it turns out she was going to be in Utah this weekend so we made plans to get together on Sunday night for dinner.  Her youngest sister Nichelle and family had moved to Lehi about a month ago so they were staying there and that was were we had dinner.  Jason begged off coming which I was fine with I knew he wouldn't enjoy himself and I didn't want to worry about keeping him happy while I was catching up.  So he stayed home and I took the kids with me.  I made dessert and took with me.  I told the kids that they would have lots of kids to play with so they were happy going along.  It was so fun to visit and catch up, it didn't matter that we haven't seen each other for 6 years it was like no time had passed.  I had such a great evening. 

It was so cute, Caitlin was making friends with Nichelle's little boy.  It was so cute watching them interact with each other.