Friday, November 1, 2013


We had such a blast this year.   Both boys had school, Ashton had his school party that afternoon, I had signed up to help but wasn't able to go and help because I couldn't bring the younger kids with me (stupid school policy) so I brought plates and napkins instead.  Another annoying thing is Ashton wasn't able to dress up (again stupid policy)  Noah also had school and I brought cupcakes for his party and program he did get to dress up.  Caitlin and I went to his program it was cute the kids came in and sang a few songs for us and modeled their costumes.  Then we had cupcakes and punch, it was short and sweet.  Noah was popcorn and looked cute in his costume, and I was so proud of him for actually singing and doing some of the actions with the songs.  The teacher had said this was her quietest group so she hoped they would sing good and they did.  I didn't bring the big camera so all I had was my phone. 

I dressed Caitlin in her Halloween outfit I made her, she looked pretty darn cute in it. 

As soon as Ashton got home from school we were getting dressed up and going to daddy's work for trick or treating.  I got everyone in their costumes and me in mine and then took a few pictures of the kids in their costume's before heading out.  Ashton was Mario, Noah was popcorn, Caitlin was a mouse and I was a witch and Jason was Flint Lockwood.

I had taken Jason his costume earlier in the day so he was dressed up when we got there.  His office looked awesome some one had gone all out and decorated the whole place it looked great.  The boys had a blast getting candy and we were there for about an hour. 

While we were there I got a text from Leland he had come by to see the kids in their costumes.   It was really fun having Leland here with us.  I warmed up some soup for us I had made the day before and then he went out trick or treating with Jason and the boys. 

Right before the boys headed out to go trick or treating Noah decided he didn't want to be popcorn any more, he wanted to be Mario so I went down to the costume box and got out Ashton's costume from last year it was a little big but who cares.  So of course I had to get another round of pictures with Noah in his new costume. 

I loved this shot Leland got, it so captures our life right now.  Both Jason and I taking pictures of the star of everything right now.

I didn't want to miss all the kids rick or treating at home so we split up, I had Jason take the boys out first and do half the neighborhood then I told him to come back and we could switch.  I was enjoying being home with Caitlin so when they came back to switch I told them to just finish I was fine at home handing out candy.  Caitlin and I just hung out and passed out candy. 

The boys had a blast and got lots of candy, of course once they got home they had to dump it all out we snapped a quick picture then it had to be picked up because Caitlin wanted to get her hands on everything and put it in her mouth.  She did grab one sucker I let her suck on for a minute before I took it away.