Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ten things right now - Ashton

1. You are such a smart boy, and loves school.  Right now his favorite subject it math.  You are learning so much this year, I was worried about putting you in the 1st/2nd grade split but so far it has been a good for you.
2.You are playing soccer this fall, you practice once and week with a game once a week too.  You have made such improvements this year, you are still a little hesitant but it sure is fun to watch you play.
3. You are such a good big brother to both your sister and brother.  You are so good to help with Caitlin when I ask and she loves it when you play with her.  You are also so good to Noah, you share with him and give him things so he will be happy and won't scream.
4. You are such a tender hearted child
5. You love to play with Legos and bionicles.  You and Noah love to play with them and that is all you want to play with these days.
6. You are still my picky eater, but you are more open to trying new things these days.
7. You are still attached to your blanket, I am okay with it and won't try to take it away from you but there are days when you carry it around with you all day it drives me crazy. 
8. You are starting to have an opinion about what you wear, you don't like shirts that I think are cute and if you have heard me say something is cute then you won't wear it.  You are also expressing interest about clothing and shoes when we go shopping.  I think it is so cute.
9. You are getting so big, I can't believe you will be 7 in less than two weeks, it seriously seems like just yesterday we brought you home. 
10. You are so much like me, I see myself in so many things that you do.  It is good and bad, I want to push you to do hard things because I wish I had pushed myself to not be so shy when I was young.