Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break

So last week was Spring Break for Ashton, I had been talking to Jason about a week before and I wanted to go somewhere, and preferably somewhere warm.  Jason was on board, and we came up with going to Las Vegas.  Mainly because it was fairly close and it was going to be warm.  Taking a trip with an infant is always a gamble and thank goodness this one paid off, Caitlin was an absolute dream the whole trip.  She was amazing just going along with whatever we did, I just had to stop and feed her every 3 hours.  I have never nursed a baby this much in public before, some days I felt like that was all I did,  but she was such a champ.  This was a trip full of firsts for our little girl, first road trip, first family trip, first time in Las Vegas, first swimming suit. 

We started our trip by having to make a stop at mom's house, Jason had left his sunglasses there on Easter and he needed them, it was also time to feed Caitlin so we stopped to get the glasses and feed Caitlin so we could make a few hours before stopping again.  After that stop we made good time and didn't  have to stop again until Cedar City, we had to get gas and feed Caitlin, so we filled up the car and I sat in the car and feed Caitlin.  We then had to stop in St. George I was needed a soda from Swig, I had been waiting all day for my Diet Mountain Dew and Mango puree.  I also needed a sugar cookie.  Little did we know that this quick stop I was wanting was going to take about 40 mins, the line was really long but I was determined to wait.

 My drink was just as good as I had remembered it, the cookie was good but not like i had remembered it.  Turns out they were getting them from somewhere different, it was good but not as good.  Once I got my goodies onto Vegas we went, we got into Vegas around dinner time, we decided to get dinner before heading to our hotel.  We wanted to eat at On the Border, I so wish we had one here in UT.  I once again had to feed Caitlin before I could eat my dinner.  We got to our hotel we were staying at TI on the strip and got checked in and settled into our room and had a little bit of time before the 8:30 showing of the Sirens of TI the free show they do each night on the strip.  Because we were staying at the hotel we got VIP standing which was actually nice to be out of the crowds on the sidewalk.  The show was a little silly, but he boys seemed to like the pirate parts so that was what mattered.  Little Caitlin was in the baby Bjorn, she wasn't terribly happy she fussed a little bit, I think she was just tired and fighting it. 

The next morning we woke up after a semi restless night, Caitlin is such a noisy sleeper, i do not like sharing a room with her.  She slept good only getting up once to eat but she just grunts and groans a lot.  The boys passed out in the other bed and didn't make a peep at all.  I am so glad I thought to bring the bassinet part of the stroller with us, cause that was were Caitlin slept each night.  It was nice to have a spot for her that wasn't in our bed. 

We went to see the Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden at the Mirage, we were a little early so we went to find a McDonald's and had a late breakfast while we waited for it to open.  Once we got back to the Mirage and got into the Secret Garden it was time to feed Caitlin again so I found a chair in the shade and sat to feed her and watch the dolphins.  It was so fun to watch them swimming and interacting with the trainers.  I could of watched them forever. 

Then we went to check out the lions and Tigers, it was fun to see all the big cats.  This was also the sight of  Noah's meltdown, he was throwing a fit because he wanted a Slurpee.  I had to set him down and try to talk to him but nothing was working, he was screaming and carrying on.  It was so much fun trying to calm down a screaming child with lots of people staring and watching me.  I finally had it and decided ti was time to go back to the room and let him have a major time out.  Jason wanted a shot and trying to calm him down, he was actually able to get him to stop screaming and got him calm.  It kind of put a huge damper on my mood so I had to work hard and get back in a good mood. 

We had seen all we wanted and decided it was time to go anyways.  We headed back to the hotel and decided to go swimming.  We got all ready and headed to the pool, it was a rocky start, the pool was not done with kids in mind, they had a DJ blasting music and the adults were partying and having a good time.  I wasn't able to get in the pool, I had to stay with Caitlin, I figured she was a little to young to be in a pool, so we just sat on the edge and put my feet in.  It ended up being fun and we spent most of the afternoon there. 

On our way back to the room we stopped at the Arcade and had fun playing pacman, all four of us were playing for a while.  We wanted to have dinner at BurGr at Planet Hollywood, it is one of Gordan Ramsey's restaurant's.  We have been watching Hells Kitchen lately so we were excited to try one of restaurants.  It was so yummy and defiantly held up to his reputation for delicious food. 

Seriously this little one was so good, she spent most of the time like this sleeping either in my arms, in the stroller, in bed.  She was so good, and it was so fun to put her in some new summer clothes, I can't wait for the weather to warm up at home so she can wear more of these cute summer clothes.

We got up the next morning and headed home, it was the perfect amount of time to spend in Vegas with kids, we had fun but it was time to go home.  We had to stop in St. George for lunch, gas, and one last swig fix.  We had lunch at the Pizza factory, I once again had to feed Caitlin, then got to eat myself, then we headed to swig for my drink and another sugar cookie.  I had saved room for my cookie and was so bummed when I was informed they were out of sugar cookies.  I got my drink and we went on our way. 

It was such a fun trip, the weather was beautiful, the kids were good (only one meltdown from Noah is considered a win) and we made some fun memories.