Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We headed down to mom's house again on Sunday for Easter dinner.  Ashton had wanted to stay at grandma's  house after the egg hunt on Saturday.  We tried to get Noah to stay also, but he wanted to come home.  He is a little attached to me and wouldn't stay.  He kept saying he was going to miss me and wanted to come home.  It makes my mom sad that he won't stay, and he loves being at grandma's house but if you give him a choice he wants to be at home.  He is definitely turning into a home body. Anyways, when we got to mom's house I wanted to try and get a family picture so we tried right away when we got there.  Once again, Noah strikes and makes it miserable he would not cooperate.   It didn't matter what we did, so we weren't able to get a good picture.  I know one day I will look back at it and be able to smile at it, but for now I just wish he would cooperate it is pretty painless having a picture taken. 

At least I have Ashton who will cooperate and smile for me.

We had a wonderful dinner, then we had our egg bashing contest.  We didn't have as many participants this time around but the boys each had to go three and four times.  Jason ended up being the ultimate winner. 

It was a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful weather, family, and fun.  Caitlin is totally the star of every get together we have these days.  Everyone loves having their turn with her.