Friday, April 19, 2013

9 weeks

Another week has gone by, Caitlin is such a good baby.  She had been sleeping through the night the last few nights, I should knock on wood so she continues it.  She still likes to be in her swing and her new favorite is the play mat she will lay on it and be happy for a little while, which is nice for me to be able to get things done.  Ashton is such a good helper, if she is crying I can have him go and try to calm her down, most of the time it totally works too.  I have had to get after Noah lately for being in her face too much.  He loves to kiss on her and touch her face which is really cute but he gets in her face and sometimes it just makes her upset.  As she gets bigger I think she is looking more like Ashton. 

Can I just say again how much fun it is having a girl and how much fun it is dressing and shopping for her.