Friday, April 12, 2013

8 weeks

It has been 2 months since little Caitlin was born and the time has just flown by.  She is such a perfect baby, she has her little moments of fussiness but overall she is such a good baby.  We are all still so over the moon for her.  Especially her brothers, they both love her to death.  Noah loves to kiss on her and so does Ashton, and lately Ashton has been wanting to hold her which makes me extremely nervous but I am cautiously letting him.  We had a little moment this morning that was a little scary, I was in the shower and Ashton came in and told me Caitlin was awake, so I told him to undo her swaddle and talk to her.  I finished my shower and went to go get her and she wasn't in her bed.  I panicked for a minute and asked where she was.  She was on my bed with both the boys.  Ashton had gotten her out of her bed and brought her into our room and put her on our bed.  She was fine and nothing happened, but I had to talk to Ashton about not doing things like that without mom or dad right by his side. 
She is still sleeping awesome only getting up once a night so I am getting stretches of 5-8 hours each night which I love. She is smiling at us, we still have to work for it but when she does it lights up her whole face. 

Here's her 2 month photo with the teddy bear.  I am so in love with this little baby, and her adorable chub rolls.