Monday, April 1, 2013

6 weeks

Another week has flown by, I am so sad as each week goes by and Caitlin keeps growing and getting bigger.  She is so much fun, this last week Ashton and Noah both had colds so I had to keep them away from Caitlin.  I had to tell them they couldn't hold her or kiss her while they were sick, because if Caitlin got sick then she would have to go to the hospital.  that seemed to work and they kept away pretty good.  She has gotten in a really good routine of eating between 9 and 10pm them sleeping till 4am then going back to sleep till we get up in the morning.  It has been awesome.  I can totally handle that sleeping schedule.  She is getting chubbier each day.  I love the fat rolls on her legs and arms they just kill me.  its fun how she smiles at us and is starting to coo.  I have noticed that her hair is being rubbed off by all her headbands.  So when she doesn't have a headband on she has and old man hair line.  Its kind of funny looking, good thing the only time she doesn't have a headband on is when she goes to bed at night.